• More dates TBA
  • More dates TBA

  • ***PAST SHOWS***

  • 4/19/14 - Earth Day Festival - Asheville NC
  • 3/29/14 - Southland Ballroom, Raleigh NC
  • 3/27/14 - Grey Eagle w/ Count M'Butu, Asheville NC
  • 10/2/14 - IBMA Ramble Official Showcase, Raleigh NC

  • ***PAST SHOWS***

  • 1/25/14 - Soap Box - Wilmington, SC
  • 1/24/14 - Cat's Cradle
  • 1/18/14 - Pour House - Charleston, SC
  • 1/17/14 - Altamont Theater - Asheville, SC
  • 1/11/14 - Lincoln Theater - Raleigh, NC
  • 1/10/14 - Blind Tiger - Greensboro, NC


  • 4/25-26/14 - 12am @ Merlefest, N. Wilkesboro, NC
  • More dates TBA
  • The Band

    Blu Bop: A Tribute to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

    is a career retrospective which spans every era of the Flecktones.

    Blu Bop

    meet the band

    Hank Smith


    E. Scott Warren


    Mike Auchter


    Justin W. Powell


    Lindsey Tims

    Guitar, mandolin, fiddle

    Paul Messinger


    Myron Koch



    A seven piece ensemble that recreates

    the sound of the Flecktones

    to the last note.

    the Mountain Times calls Blu-Bop:

    "all the precision and excitement of a live Flecktones performance, presented in a unique, chronologically accurate fashion"

    "So YOU'RE the guy" says Bela Fleck,

    -when presented with a flyer for a Blu-Bop performance.

    IndyWeek says:

    "they've earned the only endorsement that might matter: ...Fleck"

    Mountain Xpress says:

    "Smart Bet=Blu-Bop....The band adheres faithfully to the Flecktones’ canon with a dash of ready improv skills."

    Xpress Staff says:

    "Smart Bet=Blu-Bop....The band adheres faithfully to the Flecktones’ canon with a dash of ready improv skills."

    Photo and Video.

    This section will update regularly.

    * Banjo

    2005 Custom Deering Maple Blossom
    1999 Deering Crossfire electric w/midi
    1988 Roland JC-120
    2012 Port City Pearl

    * Bass

    Fodera Yin Yang

    * Drums

    Yamaha Stage Custom shells
    Zildjian Cymbals

    * Keyboards

    Yamaha S90
    Yamaha C7

    * Harmonicas

    Customized harps
    by Joe Filisko
    and Richard Sleigh

    * Mando/Guitar/Fiddle

    Mando: Rattlesnake made by Olin Davis.
    Guitar: Dreadnought by John Kruppenbach.
    Fiddle: Antique, made by Albin L. Paulus for the court of Saxony

    * Saxophone

    1925 Buescher Low-Pitch, silver
    Vandoren "purple box" 2.5 reeds
    TC Helicon Voicelive 2

    * Misc.

    Yamaha WX-5
    Ableton Live

    Dates and Info

    Band Bio

    The band is the brainchild of banjoist Hank Smith, who drew deep from the well of talented musicians in the Raleigh NC area and as far as Louisville KY, home of the first and last official show played by the Flecktones. Blu-Bop is a one of a kind ensemble that seeks to pay homage tothe one of world's most unique and award winning bands.

    Tech Information

    We are a 7-piece band, require 4+ monitor mixes and a single talk-back mic.
  • Link To Our Stage Plot
  • DI - banjo acoustic
  • DI - banjo electric
  • DI - bass electric
  • DI - saxophone wireless
  • DI - piano electric (unless noted)
  • DI - acoustic guit, mando, fiddle
  • DI - harmonica (unless noted)
  • Mics - 5-piece drum kit
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    Video was shot, produced & directed by Gabriel Nelson, whose commercial photo/video work is well-known to larger production houses, retailers and event coordinators throughout the east coast. This site was designed, and the video edited & produced by Myron Koch. Based in Louisville, KY, he has worked on a number of commercial and network projects. All graphic elements were designed by MR Creative, known for their excellence in branding.

    Blu Bop, the band.

    The music of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones inspired musicians for a generation, and continues to lay the groundwork for a new breed of musical talent. Their particular brand of fusion brought the banjo back into the jazz world and transcended the boundaries of what type of music can be played with jazz instrumentation. Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, Roy "Futureman" Wooten, Howard Levy, Jeff Coffin and a host of top caliber guest musicians created a new style of music that has been described as "bluegrass jazz fusion", "funk grass" and a host of other attempts to classify the un-classifiable. The tongue in cheek reference of "Blu-Bop" best describes the music, but also hints at the sense of humor involved. It's light hearted virtuosity with serious leanings toward technicality, soul and brilliance. This tribute act serves to pay respects to the music that inspired so many, and bring it to an audience that adores them. We are so inspired by their music, we want to recreate it as faithfully as possible, while lending our own improvisational skills as a nod to the masters who gave us this gift in the first place. If you're a new fan, or a lifetime follower, we hope you'll enjoy our tribute to Bela and the band that made it all happen.

    Comprised of E. Scott Warren on bass, Mike Rosado on drums, Justin Powell on keys, Paul Messinger on harmonica, Myron Koch on saxophones and long obsessed Flecktone fan, Hank Smith on banjos, who roped all these people into it, the band is local to the Triangle area of NC and will attempt the very difficult but amazingly fun task of playing this music as accurately as possible. That said, the band will also use the tunes as jumping off points to showcase their own skills in true Flecktone fashion. Bela, we hope you're ok with this. It's all out of love and respect!


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